Rockfarm Student Policies


+Student is required to arrive at the lesson promptly with all required materials.

+ In case the Student is absent for a class, the topic will be covered for the student in his/her next class. No cover-up sessions will be arranged.

+ Rock farm will remain closed on certain pre-declared dates as published in the Holiday Calendar. Classes missed on a Holiday will not be re-arranged

Fee Renewal and Batch Timings

+Students are advised to deposit their fees on due date, which is the date of their joining along with the fee card. It is the responsibility of the student to keep the fee card updated.

+On renewal of fees you will be given the “next renewal date”. You will need to make your next payment on or before this date to keep your batch timings. The batch may get automatically allotted to another student in case timely payment is not made.

+ Students will not be allowed to take any class without renewal after module expiry date. A penalty of INR 100 per session will be charged to students who continue taking classes without renewal after module expiry date.

+ Student is required to meet the minimum practice requirements set by the teacher. Student can practice on Rock farm instruments throughout the week for no extra charges.

+ Discontinuity in classes without valid reason will be treated as negligence & an act of insincerity & it would not exempt any student from paying his fees.

Teacher Absences

+ Absences due to illness or professional commitments will be rescheduled. + All our teachers are performing musicians and will be travelling subject to their performance.

Course Discontinuation

+ The registration fees are non-refundable. Course fees will not be refunded if 2 or more classes of the module have been conducted. In case of less than 2 classes, 1 month fees will be retained. Course fees paid by an individual are non-transferable.

Lesson Termination

+ Lessons will be terminated on account of uncooperative / disruptive behaviour or inadequate practice on a continual basis.

Parent Participation
+ Students aged below 10 must have a parent accompanying them to the lesson to ensure progress and follow up practice at home.


+ Rockfarm will be organising regular performances at outside venues apart from Weekend Jams at Rock farm. Each & every student will get a chance to perform when they reach a certain level and will be nominated by their teachers.

Classroom Conduct
+ Students are requested to use Rockfarm instruments with precaution and put the instruments back in place once finished. Damages will be charged!

+ Please switch off your cell phone or maintain silent ringtone during class.

+ Use of inappropriate material mentioned below is strictly prohibited.

+Any one found violating the norms will be terminated from class with immediate effect.