About Us

About Rockfarm

Who We Are

Founded on 10th November 2012, Rockfarm is a platform for providing integrated music services to a large number of people & for enabling increased level of connect & collaboration between various music living people.

Rockfarm is for those who want to treat themselves with some soul pleasing and satisfying musical potion. It is a place to learn, play, listen and worship music. Whether you are looking for music instruction or for a place to jam or maybe just somewhere to sit back and enjoy some good music. Rockfarm is the place for you.


Rockfarm was Founded by Siddharth Chobey on 10th November 2012. Siddharth was the lead guitarist of the band Monsoon Beats till 2013. In his current Project "Mazhab" he contributes as the rhythm guitarist of the band.

What We Believe

"Music is all around us. All you have to do is listen."


We see a world where music is accessible to all and appreciated by all.


To Spread Rock & Western Music Culture!! \m/

Why Rockfarm?

We are a platform that doesn’t just teach music, but upholds music as a part of everyday life. We like an atmosphere that inspires creativity and it is evident the moment you walk into Rockfarm! From the colorful classrooms to the “Hall Of Inspiration” filled with graffiti of many legendary musicians, everything is designed to inspire and bring out the creative artist in you.

We are disciplined enough to take our music seriously, but flexible enough to allow you to discover & explore music at your own pace. Our structured courses are designed to cater to an individual’s unique needs. We strive to offer the highest possible standards of professional guidance, along with the requisite theoretical backgrounds – to those who want to pursue music as a serious career, as well as to those who want to simply enjoy it as a hobby.

A Decent Jam-Room & studio with an amazing musical ambiance, you can indulge yourself in.

Detailed Western theory & music lessons covering all genres of music.